These are draft documents that will form the basis of phase one of the Digital Ark. They will eventually be fully indexed and searchable and linked to an authority-file database. For now, we present them as simple webpages, as they are ready. We will also be posting facsimile versions (in high quality images) of Ralph Thoresby's Musaeum Thoresbyanum (1713) and his Diary (1830) and Nehemiah Grew's Musaeum Regalis (1685), and the Tradescant's Musaeum Tradescantianum (1656).

Elias Ashmole (1617-1692)

John Bargrave (1610-1680)

Thomas (1604-1673) and Edward (1644-1708) Browne

  • Musaeum Clausum (1684)
  • Lists from British Library Sloane MSS 1911, 1912, 1913,1922 [forthcoming]
  • Objects mentioned in correspondence [forthcoming]

Walter Cope (c. 1553-1614)

William Courten (1642-1702)

Robert Hubert (fl. 1664-9)

Oxford Anatomy School

William (c.1610-1663) and Robert (1631-1683) Paston

Rebecca Paston (d. 1694)

  • "Curiosities, in Lady Paston's Closet" (Pembroke College MSS LC. II. 230) [forthcoming]

Royal Society of London

George Ruthven (1546-1638)

Georg Christoph Stirn (c.1616 - )

Ralph Thoresby (1658-1725)

John Tradescant (elder, d. 1638 and younger, 1608-1662)

William Walker (1608-1662)

Francis Willughby (1635-1672)and John Ray (1627-1705)

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